Saturday, June 10, 2017

Live not Exist

I confess today I am happy,
I confess today I am stress free,
I confess today I don't worry,
I confess today I have a bit of clarity,

To the world lifted off my shoulders,
To the sins I have confessed,
To past I shared,
To the memories I relived,
To been myself not an actor no more,

To the raw emotions I feel,
To the shackles finally breaking free,
To the happiness that soothes my soul,
To the warmth that takes over my heart,

To the times we made love,
To the security I seek in your arms,
In your voice I find serenity,
In your care I find peace,

You are my beautiful journey,
A journey I never expected,
I don't wish we met earlier,
It's cosmic it was now,

Sinnerman writes with all his love,
Sinnerman writes with all his gratitude,
Sinnerman is once more hopeful,
He is happy thanks to his poker face,

Sinnerman wants you,
Sinnerman needs you,
Poker face is his happiness,
The burns evermore.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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