Thursday, March 16, 2017


To you I write my sins,
My sins of good, bad and lust,
To that mind that keeps me on point,
To that mind of knowledge,
This is  the care I know to show,

Your ways are what entice me,
That poker face I try to read,
To those eyes I don't make contact with,
That soul of yours that is free,
To that lust of wishing to travel,
That sharpness to get what is your,
To the cunningness to judge a situation,
That obsession to observe,

You are my beautiful sociopath,
You are the voice in my mind,
You are the nudge that keeps awake at night,
Your lips are the lust I can't control,
Your that rush that keeps my animal awake,
Your that murmur that shall break me or make.
Your my beautiful mind I seek.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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