Sunday, March 26, 2017

Set you on fire

Rage is how we make love,
That anger of fire,
That impatience of how did we,
That rush of lust,
That feeling how did not sooner,

That rush of unbuttoning,
The ripping of clothes,
The force on your lips,
The bite of hunger,
That suckle of your neck to hurt you right,
To lick your ear to make you mmmmm,

That pull of closeness,
That warmth of security,
That gaze of this wrong yet so right,
That guarantee of bluntness,

Suckling your bosom like a child seeks love,
Caressing of them like feeding an undying hunger,
Kissing that tummy every bit each time,

Pulling up to you,
Asking you how wrong this feels,
Moving down setting your lovebud on fire,
That tongue which blazes it on fire,

Moving up,
Pushing me in you,
Setting kerosene to that fire,
Feeling a rush I have never felt before,
That leap of faith I never took,
Those emotions I shut down,

This climax we never felt,
This hunger which never would go down,
This anticipation of serenity,
This unplanned beautiful journey.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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