Tuesday, March 14, 2017


She is my gardener,
Taking away the weeds,
She is my sculptor,
Molding my perfection,
She is my Muse,
Inspiring to see my future,
She is my guardian,
Warning the danger,
She is my teacher,
To be a good human one day,

In her eyes I find the innocence,
I once lost,
In her lips I find magic,
I never found,
In her hugs,
I find the security,
That I can be weak,

In her strength,
I find the will to wake up,
In her stubbornness,
I find the push to change,
In her dreams,
I find the inspiration to build mine,

In her motherly ways,
I want to have a family of mine,
In her warmth,
I find the reason to be a good human,
In her childish ways,
I find me in happiness,

She is what completes me,
She is the inspiration,
She is the future I dearly hold,
She is the home I have been searching,
She is the serenity I never had,
She is the blessing almighty gave.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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