Sunday, November 27, 2016


He will cry alone with movies, 
He will break his heart over and over for you to mend, 
He will feel loneliness, 
Not know how to ever ask to be loved, 
He will feel the sorrow, 
Not know how to ask to be hugged, 
He will die if hunger, 
Than let his pride break him down, 
He will never know to ask help, 
When his wife and kids are sick, 
He will never learn to cook, 
But will cook when his loved are down, 
He will watch in emptiness, 
As his kids hug their mom, 
He will never know to ask to hugged, 
When he's had a crappy day at work, 
He will learn to learn to live in that loneliness, 
He will learn what society expects of him, 
He will learn to be strong, 
He will learn never can he shed a tear, 
He will let to fight when he's helpless,
He will learn to give all his love away, 
He will learn his energy can say no, 
He shall learn to be a man.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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