Sunday, September 4, 2016

Call it whatever you want!

There was once a lion,
As a cub loved by all,
Adored by his pride,
The pride he ran with,
He was the family favorite,
The kindest of them all,
The responsible they said,

The unspoken years,
Made cub to lion,
The ruthless he got,
The logical he became,
The detached he got,

The hunt,
The pride,
The ego,
He got,

The lion cub grew in years,
The cub was emotional,
Was soft he said,
A disappointment to lions he said,
Lion is the king he said,

Cub was always confused,
The kind turned ruthless,
What of the unspoken years,
What's the change that lead?

He is now a lion,
The closed over the years he became,
Once in a while he shows his heart,
The more beaten he gets,
They call him cold,
They say he is anger,

He now knows,
He's always hopeful,
Hopeful of change,
Hopeful the lions will not hurt,
He's proved wrong each day,

He opens himself to love,
He takes a leap of faith,
He opens himself to emotions,
Just to be blackmailed,

Were these the unspoken years,
Was this what lead?
Was it this disappointment?
This hurt,
Which he bled,

Does he stay hopeful?
To be screwed by who he loves,
Will he have unspoken years,
That silence collecting dust.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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