Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Beauty killed the Beast

Beast is always a loner,
Emotions closed,
Is what he worked for,

Beast was not hopeful for a family,
Beast was driven too focused,
Not to disturbed with,
Is the sign he holds,

Emotionally unavailable is what he was called,
Rude was what he was branded,
Blunt is what he aimed for,
Kids were dream not a goal,

Their came that beauty,
Stirred his emotions,
Set him his goals,
Opened that vault of emotions,

Made the beast a believer,
Like never before,
Future of hope,
A future with family kids and more,

Made him better than before,
Made him needy than he ever knew,
Jealous that emotion not his own,
Made him rethink who he was,

He turned Knight in shining amour,
He turned focused on a US,
Not a HIM anymore,
Drew plans for a future,
That was never told,

Beasts don't get a future,
Beasts are always the tragedy,
Beasts shall keep fighting for this new hope,
Beasts shall try to be the Knight she dreamt of once more,
Beauty killed one more beast once more,

Unanswered questions,
Hurt to turn him vicious,
Helpless to make him snap,
Alone that opening up was never a choice,
Ever more.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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