Sunday, August 28, 2016


When insecures becomes louder,
The I love you becomes less,
The pride is often broken,
The feelings are just hurt,
When confrontations are avoided,
And the fights don’t matter,
When silence is greater,
The desire to break it is bigger,
Moving on from the stress is deeper,
The presence or absence doesn’t make a matter,
Where pushing all limits to test it failure,
Is what all that matter,

Fighting is necessary
Speaking concerns is a must,
Hurting pride is a causality,
Stop believing in the Disney 50/50 is a must,
He once lived life on his terms for himself,
She once lived life of her terms for herself,
Figuring out the united journey has bumps and trails,
He shall be in rage one day,
She shall be in anger the other,
He shall feel emptiness one day,
She shall feel loneliness the other,

It is the balance of playing accelerator and brakes,
It’s the switching of roles between the devil and the angel,
It is that balance that makes us stay,
Not the 50/50 we tell each other,

If you think its bound to fail,
All you shall do is test the ships limits
If you work it to navigate the rough seas,
Is the day you turn from sailor to captain.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™
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