Wednesday, June 15, 2016


This is to the forgotten,
This is to the unseen,
To the unappreciated,
To the secret lovers,
To the aloud guardians,

To the blind who don't see it,
To the gestures they get,
To the care they receive,
To the love they are overwhelmed with,

To the late night texts of safety,
To the emotional reassurance,
To the ego boost given,
To the forever and always,

This is to the complaints,
Of the lonely,
To the tweets of depression,
To the quotes of true love,
And the endless search of the one,

They are right beside you,
They have been day in,
They have been day out,
Giving all of them,
To all of you,
To all loving all of you,
As they break without them knowing,

Love is closer than you may see,
True care is just a glance away,
Cinderella story is in their texts,
The fairytale is just when you decide to see it.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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