Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Perception is a word,
Now more of a tool,
The getaway car,
The argument tool,
The end of topics,
The justification tool,

Perception we over use,
Perception we abuse,
We fight using it for justice,
We hide it behind like a coward & fool,

Perception is personal,
Perception may not be right or wrong,
Perception maybe for the wise,
Perception maybe for the fools,

Perception is the art of perceiving,
Perception is the art of observing,
Perception is a variant that we never seem to see,
Perception can be deceiving,

Perception is a difference,
Perception varies all the time,
Perception never is a conclusion,
For anyone’s perceived thoughts,

Stop misusing Perception,
Stop overusing the word,
Stop abusing its meaning,
So one day when needed no value will it ever earn.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kiss : The Journey

Kiss on Lips,
Kiss her tight,
Bite them,
Kiss her through the night,

Kiss on Forehead,
Kiss it warm,
Tel her she’s secure,
Every morn,

Kiss on Cheek,
Kiss it cheery,
Tell her you’d be there,
However weary,

Kiss her Neck,
Kiss it tight,
Seduce her mind,
Arouse her thighs,

Kiss on Navel,
Kiss so gentle,
Ensure she’s loved,
That’s it is more than ample,

Kiss her Thigh,
Kiss it seductive,
Arouse, tease, please it gentle,

Kiss Her,
Take her on the journey,
Where her journey end is never ever teary.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

Friday, March 6, 2015

Conversation in a Poem

My poem is that you confuse me,
My poem is that you amaze me, 
My poem is that you muse me,
My poem is that you hate me, 
My poem is that you search me, 
My poem is that I remain lost, 
My poem is that I can't leave you, 
My poem is that you amuse me, 
My poem is that you secretly need praise, 
My poem is that I hope you won't leave, 
My poem is just I need you, 
My poem dedicates to everything about you.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eye Candy

Eye Candy is charm,
Eye Candy is relieving,
Eye Candy is a breather,
Eye Candy is amazing,

Her ways so gracious,
Her smile so bright,
Her features so sharp,
Her beauty so unique,
Her height so wow,
Her lips so appealing,
Her dress sense oh my,

Her attention to detail,
Her clean freak ways,
Her prim proper ways,
A true lady is every way,
A muse created day by day,

I think it is a blessing,
To be make one happy,
To make them smile,
To make them relieved,
To make one feel alive,

There is nothing lustful,
Nothing wrong,
It just admiration of beauty,
It’s the peace that tricks one’s mind,

Eye Candy is anyone’s breather,
A weird reason to smile,
A reason we go aww,
A reason we can’t pin point why,
This is dedication,
Dedication your eye candy and mine.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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