Thursday, February 19, 2015

To my very own mystery

She’s nothing short of a whirlwind,
She’s nothing short of a queen,
She’s nothing short of a lady,
She’s nothing you've ever seen,

Eyes says mischief,
Smile says glee,
Her mind says gladiator,
Her ways say queen,

Her beauty astounding,
Her mesmerizing,
Her smile keeps you hooked,
Those lips sensual nice,
Her skin of mocha so gentle tender,
Those legs amaze the wonders,
The dress sense amazes the eyes,

Don’t let her beauty fool you,
Her mind keen and sharp,
Strong and conservative,
Her beliefs sharp and blunt,

She’s nothing short of a gladiator,
She will fight for her beliefs,
She will fight till her last breath,
For the right and her beliefs,

She’s caring,
She’s sexy,
She’s one of a kind,
She’s mischievous,
She’s naughty,
She’s temptress,
And she’s kind,

She’s a closed envelope,
She’s a mystery to unfold,
She’s an exceptional human,
She’s worth every word I wrote,

My lifetime I've met ladies,
My lifetime I've been inspired,
My lifetime I've not met a surprise,
Each day a new encounter,

I write this to immortalize,
Someone so great,
Someone truly amazing,
Someone worth every word that I say,
I hope you know you’re worth it,
I hope you give praise to who you are,
You’re nothing short of a goddess,
That’s to me is the fact.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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