Sunday, December 28, 2014

Dominatrix - THE Woman (saga)

The tests,
The loops,
The endless hoops,
Leaves him speechless,
And always confusing,

The pull within,
The pushing out,
The emotional constant battle,

The lonely he feels,
The confused he seems,
He always ends up complying,

The aimless he feels,
The one way it seems,
He always ends up complying,

She questions his ways,
She questions his traits,
She questions his basis of life,
She stirs his mind,
She knocks beliefs out of sight,
She makes him question his own reality,

His hopeful trait,
His gestures each day,
Leaves her annoyed,
And more confusing,

The question she asks him each day,
Is rather brilliant and astounding,
Whatever the test,
Whatever the price,
However hopeless it may seem,
However confusing,
However lonely,
However one way this seems,
Is happiness still lighting?

He gives all he has,
He’s hopeful it seems,
He forever keeps on waiting,
That important question,
Is he happy or not,
The reply seems amusing,

He is in love,
He is amazed,
He is inspired more than one imagines,
It’s worth the struggle,
It’s worth the fight,
It’s more exciting every second,

This is the tale of a know it all man,
And the elusive dominatrix,
However one way it seems,
The Happiness it’s always within,
Just keeping him hopeful and still fighting.

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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