Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Angel in Disguise

To me she spells honesty,
To me she spells blunt,
To me she spells innocence,
To me she spells spark,

She is an emotional roller coaster,
She is energy,
She is fun,
She is confidence & bravado,
She is lady yet a punk,
She is the perfect daughter,
She is the ideal wife a man seeks,
She is the princess to all,
Yet a simple girl she is,

She is judged too easily,
She cried herself to sleep,
She is simplicity,
She is the epitomy of over thinking,
But yet she can dress down and be a freak,

She never ceases to surprise me,
She surprises me in so many ways,
She knows all about me,
She’s is a confidant,
My stress release in so many ways,

But sometimes when I ponder,
Do I know her at all,
My mind always seems to whisper,
She’s a secret I can’t unfold,

I seek happiness in her,
I find the inner kid in me,
In her I find the good person,
That I think I can be,

I write this to immortalize her,
In the simple way I can,
I write this to show,
What impact that she has,

This is to the brat,
The Princess,
The Lady,
The Daughter,
One Day the Wife,
This is dedicate to that one person,
Who impacted my life,

I pray for your happiness,
I work for your joy,
Remember you are the blessed one,
No more tears,
Just a life filled with joy,

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean ™

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