Sunday, December 29, 2013


Lessons we learn,
Lessons taught everyday,
Do we truly learn the base line,
Or whine more each day,

Lessons as I see,
Three ways to be learnt,
This I dedicate,
To a long outstanding I observed,

First are the blessed,
Their hand held tight,
Hands taken through the darkness,
Into the light,
Blessed are they,
With guardians who stood tall,
Guardians who soar high,
So darkness would be no more,

Second are those the wisest amongst them all,
Wise are those,
Keen observers of them all,
Wise are those,
That watch and learn,
The best guides,
The leaders,
That always shall be there for you in return,

Third are those that whine and fall,
Not the first nor the second,
Can save a whiners soul,
They can be helped,
Only when on their knees,
Make them beg,
Make them squeal,
Make the pain excoriating,
So that they feel,
Once they gasp for breath,
Hold them real tight,
Pull them up,
To that freedom that they once believed,

Lessons that we learn,
Lessons that mold you,
Lessons if not realized,
One day might destroy you,
Just a thought,
Just a cloud,
On which you may ponder,
Which lesson have you learnt,
At the end of this boring encounter.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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