Monday, July 2, 2012

I Love Us

She’s in love with a stranger,
So many fears that she hides,
Never seen nor touched him,
She blindly decides,
She wakes up each morning,
With him in her mind,
She falls asleep in bliss dreaming,
He’s mine tonight,

He just an animal,
Now blinded by faith,
He works his each breath out,
To make sure it works out one day,

They make each other smile,
At the rarest of times,
Fight like an old couple,
Quarrel all the time,
They make sense to each other,
When the world falls apart,
They encourage each other,
Regardless how difficult the times,

They are opposite to each other,
In likes and in taste,
But they dream hard for each other,
Every night and day,

Their writing their own saga,
The weirdest of plots lines,
They are persistent to make it happen,
No matter how hard be the times,

After ages I found lovers,
Who has faith in the word US,
They believe they complete each other,
They worth fighting for no matter the cost,
The beauty of love is the word US,
One stops fighting for the other,
The Story you write will reach a full stop.

Learn to fall in love with the idea I love US.
The word I love you I think has lost its meaning and touch.
Something to ponder,
Something to think,
Is it US the idea you fell in love with,
Or was it a matter of just lust.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™ 

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