Saturday, March 24, 2012


He is assumed to be strong,
The pillar for all to lean,
Seems to be the cold hearted,
the fearless,

Does anyone inquire to think,
Is that truly his nature,
Does he fear his future?
Is he haunted by his past?
Is too hurt to ever be truly open,
Does he allowed to be leant on,
Because he knows how it feels,
To feel helpless,

Does anyone think if he gets hurts,
Maybe he doesn't scream like the others, 
His smile,
His warmth,
His kind embrace,
Is always take for granted.

What if he spoke out his hurt,
What if he cried out loud,
What if he told "Please you're hurting"

What would you say?
How would you judge?
Would you bother to listen?

He likes his silence,
He love him alone,
He doesn't wish to be hurt,
just like any other,

Though he doesn't say,
nor cry nor yell,
doesn't mean he doesn't
feel like you or any other.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Sunday, March 18, 2012

We are ONE

One man dreamt an idea,
the time is now,
to change how we see the world,
to open our eyes to the world,
the change is here,
that we hear and see the world as of now,

He dreamt an age of freedom,
He dreamt an age children played free,
He dreamt a age of people,
not money nor politics,
could just run free,

Made advantage of the technology,
Made advantage of what we hear,
Made advantage of what we see,
we share,we feel
How effective we are now,
that we are here NOW,

He set on a journey,
a superman hunting his villain,
the game to which he set new rules,
the game to which his villain gained fame,

07 billion individuals,
07 billion he hunts,
He hunts for them to scream,
that there EVIL is,
TYRANNY is the what we hunt,
07 billion head hunters,
07 billion who fight,
07 billion soldiers,
Ready for one villains demise,

The head hunt,
has a face,
has a name,
has a date,
the head hunt,
has 07 billion people,
its not the money,
not politics,
or their race,

This is the age of people,
This is where we are one,
We like,
We Love,
We share,
All of US as ONE.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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