Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Animal that I am!

I they say am the bad man,
I  they call the jerk,
The stubborn,
The arrogant,
the wild wolf,
waiting to be turned,

Am I an animal?
Am I a wounded animal hurt?
Is it just sarcasm?
of the fear of been heard?
Is it the stubbornness?
or the want to be cared?
Is it the fear of closeness?
A fear I don't know that is there,

Do i fear closeness?
Do i fear been hurt?
Am I an untamed animal?
Just waiting to prey on the hurt,

They tell I am a good man,
they tell i live in fear,
if fear that's stopping me?
why doesn't that sense,
ever appear,

I am the bad man,
I never was good,
You preyed on this man,
He will get even,
When he should,

I loved,
I cared,
but was spat at my face,
this human just turned werewolf,
never to be changed!

Next time beware,
on whose heart you prey,
next time you might not be lucky to have it your way.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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