Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Service

I've heard its a game,
Its  a man's gambler,
a playground for the rich,
a sex scandal,
we curse it each day,
we watch keenly its manipulation,
yes we read it daily,
yes its the gossip of each day,

Its a game of money,
the game of fame,
the game of power,
the almighty public scandal,

yes I'm talking politics,
that thing we often curse,
a mistake we commit,
infront of paper,

we scold our rulers,
we criticize their ways,
we barge at their lives,
we enjoy their cut throat ways,

we complain they steal,
we complain they idle,
yet again we commit the mistake,
yet again yes so blindly,

do we think to wonder,
that politics is a money game,
the corruptions,
the bribes,
is just a mere part of the worldwide game,

do we think to wonder,
that politics is service,
a public service they all say,

us as humans,
us as a mankind,
did we ever question
the service they provide?

the world has all its pluses,
yet its minuses,
the game is not fair,
the game does not have rules,
the game has its losses,
the game they say is greedy too,
at that time all we see is losses,

we eat,
we eat,
till one cannot breath,
the greed engulfs us,
yet the body is so weak,

with all that greed,
with all the food,
yet growth is still at stagnancy,

This game is a service,
we its customers,
we the losers,
yet we its creators,

its our lil' tele,
its us that cry,
its us that complain,
yet the game seems to be so fly'

next day don't be a victim,
be its customers,
be its user,
its a human right,
a public service we all require.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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