Thursday, August 25, 2011

For each day I couldn't say I love you

Days of silence,
just passed me by,
each morning I message,
I silently wait for an reply,

The good old days,
yes I do miss,
the fighting,
the arguing,
the advising convos,
the weird topics,
yes I do miss,

How you push me further,
So that Im nothing like my dad,
Push my buttons so I achieve,
All that I can grab,
Sometimes the pain,
like not visiting homeland,
I know you nothing but the best,
Make sure I grow to be a proud man,

You may not have conceived,
You never loved me less,
You may not have known since my childhood,
but you read me too well,
too well than my parents ever could,
Each time I say I love you,
I mean it so,
You've been greater than a mother,
A guardian or an angel,
or anything more,

I couldn't thank you enough,
For all that you've done,
all that you withstood,
for this mischievous arrogant son,
Just wanna say I love you,
In the best way I know,
Yes poetry is what I'm good at,
I think its in my heart and my soul,

I love you mom,
I love you to bits,
No man could ask for a better mother,
Yes I'm truly blessed.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Those naughty wild eyes,
that walk that sways,
that ravishing cleavage,
that body smoking up by the day,
she is a Princess,
a Princess like no other,

those kiddish ways,
that halo above her head as you gaze,
the attention of rockstar,
the beauty of a god,
the mind of a child,
she truly is innocent at heart,
the country song heartbeat,
her smile room up a town,

the easily broke,
the easily hurt,
the most mischievous,
the princess adored,

loved and nurtured treated like a queen,
the wild wild nature,
the glam queen of the fashion city,
a drag queen she dresses on her peaceful Sunday,
the cowgirl she wishes her country song in full swing ,
all the way,

A helpful friend,
a naughty loving partner,
a generous giver,
a religious true believer,
this tale I tell of a princess,
a princess like no other,
I call her my barbie,
My Barbie is my friend,
like no other.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™


Beauty exists merely in the mind,
and our mind is what contemplates it,
when I saw her,
my mind said it out loud,
what a chaalu lady,
what innocent eyes,
what pride and what confidence,
her skin when felt was silk drapes,
that wild curled hair,
that graceful sway walk,
yes was truly mesmerizing,
her fashionable ways,
simple yet outstanding,
set a new definition to chaalu,
in this goddesses inhabited lil' island,
that adrenaline rush,
that giddy feeling,
I knew my eyes were blessed,
this infatuation,
was worth its ride,
that chaalu truly made me a dreamer.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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