Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just another story

There was this boy,
who was friends with this girl,
they were friends for ages,
he cared for her,
loved her like his own,
they were just perfect for each other,

this boy plays around,
yet take cares of her,
she meant the world to him,
he was confused for himself,
was this friendship or love,
he pondered very silently,

He knew it was love,
he was in love with her,
Oh my god he thought to himself,
her friendship was more valuable to him,
than his stupid feelings,

One night he woke up,
amazed by his dreams,
she was indeed his wife,
his dearly beloved,
they had kids,
they made love,
his dream just felt too real,

He woke,
just asked her what she felt about him for real,
he was amazed at each word that was uttered,
yet made him fall to his knees,
she loved him back,
yes she loved him dearly,
but age was the restriction,
she told him she will marry him,
just age was her barrier,

He told her he feels the same,
He would give up his life for her,
that she was the most astounding thing he met,
Told her age was just a count,
count that society makes to keep track of us,
We are in love my friend,
there is nothing more beautiful than that,

She said to him age wasn't a count,
It meant alot to her,
He kept his silence,
to date they do,
they act as perfect strangers,

Each morning they dress well,
each day,
they kill their feelings,
They are used to it,
so causal it has become,
they move on in silence where no one knows,
how amazing they could be together,
this is just a fools hope story,
with the usual touch of an untold tale my friend.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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