Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There was this man,
who fell in love,
truly madly deeply,
there was this girl,
who hoped prayed nothing but the best,
nothing less for this man who crazily loved her,

There was a flaw,
to this amazing tale,
That had no rational solution,
He was madly in love with her,
She too was in love with her dream lover,

They spoke,
They comforted,
He took care of her,
like no other,
She always said,
good things happen to the best of people,
She asked why aren't you selfish,
why not think about yourself,
be hopeful for the better, be hopeful for the best,
why think of negative,
why would you think that happily ever after,
is not for you my friend,

He thought to himself,
If I were selfish,
If i were crude,
Who would take care of her,
who would remind her of dreams,
who would make sure they do come true,
who would secretly watch over her,
like her shadow , her guardian,
who would be the asshole and scold her,
push her limits to reach nothing less than the stars,

this tale will go on each day of their lives,
each day where his heart skips a beat for her,
like the happiest melody that Beethoven played,
to inspire to captivate your mind,
He dreams of her day in day out,
her been the top of his world,

One grand day arrived,
an orchestra played,
they was this grand amazing question,
why can't my lover be like you,
and awkward silence that followed,

He maintained his silence,
kept his head up high,
knowing no matter what the ending maybe,
no man can love her like he does,
no man can shin ea smile,
on her face like he does,
she never be alone, insecure
with him as a shadow of her life,
that thought keeps him living,
will continue to keep him alive,
hopeful for another day,
hopeful just to feel alive.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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