Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Demon

There once lived a boy,
Just filled with anger,
His soul was just,
Not in control,

His tormented past,
his unresolved anger,
still lingers in his soul,

his anger just keeps bottling in,
the more furious that he grows,
he prays each day,
he will not leash that devil,
the so called demon,
he genetically holds,

he tries so hard,
to control that demon,
but the world wants it more,
the selfishness,
the betrayals,
they keep making use of him more,

maybe he wonders,
that so called demon,
was never genetic from the start,
maybe the man made disasters,
the scard ways,
that tempt hat demon,
to unleash more.

he prays each day,
that he does not become so,
the demons they tell he holds,
but along with that,
he feels he demon,
closer and warmer than,
it ever was before,

he knows it his call,
his own burden,
that the demon is not unleashed,
it his future,
his destruction,
that will cost,
if ever unleashed.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Love to you

I often dream of,
myself in her arms,
embraced by her warmth,
engulfed in her charm,
I picture myself,
playing with her wild curls,
looking into her dreamy eyes,
whispering dirty little tales,
kissing her neck softly,
playing with her mind,
I kiss her lips tenderly,
relaxing her body her mind,
Ensuring her security,
she is mine alone,
lips pressing biting,
teasing our soul,
I want to make love to her,
just her alone,
My lips kissing slowly,
her cute cheek bones,
tender love is what,
I want to make to her alone,

My nose trickling down her neck,
I caress I suckle her bosoms,
Hold her tight to myself,
never to let go,
her warmth embraces me,
eases my soul,
sets out that flaming anger I hold,
In my mind In my soul,
I kiss her tummy,
I tease her more,
make her hungry for my warmth,
make her ensured,
this man is just her's body and soul,
never to be be shared,
just her's alone,
I wrap my hands around her tummy,
a bite of her bum,
kissing her soft skin,
kissing her soft legs,
like dew drops on petal,
in the first spring sun,
tonight my baby we make passionate love,
the warmth,
the fire,
our body's' moving as one,
we rejoice,
we celebrate,
our dieing love,
Tonight my my baby we are making nothing but love,

I make love to my baby,
not in lust,
but with bonding,
never shall we part either of us,
the heart I give to you,
with all my love and trust,
this mind just ,
ensures her security her been the top priority is a must,
this body I give to her,
to make sweet tender love,
me as a whole,
is hers hers only,
Till I turn to dust.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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