Sunday, February 27, 2011


Problem complications,
we face each day,
not one less than the other,
life challenges us each day,

we all think the same,
I have the toughest life they say,
my problems are incomparable,
burdens are how I pay,

Do we really seek any answers?
Do you want the problem untied,
Are you just complaining,
for the sake of complaining,
or is attention that you cry?

Yes we have problems,
some do seek answers,
sometimes in our own way,
but learn the difference in problems,
some are just complains,
some are seeking answers,
in any possible way,

If one does have a problem,
If they say my life is hard,
If they blame on their parents,
or just their random past,

They are not seeking any answers,
Just complaining,
Is how they speak,
Just attention,
is all they seek,
But don't judge all in the,
same eye view,
as some do genuinely seek,

If one specifys a problem,
they know what help they need,
that person is seeking your guidance,
as they cannot seek alone indeed,

Problems my friend,
are a constant,
they come in different faces,
each day,
Is facing them with a smile,
that winner's attitude,
We should embrace,

Learn life gives us choices,
Choices that we make,
right choices,
we have a smile on the face,
wrong choice,
we learn and we face,
the lesson should be,
How we move on,
Learn from our past,

Problems are not meant,
to be sobed on,
but taken with a smile,
God wants me to be stronger,
He always has the bigger picture in mind.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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