Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lilo & Stitch

She mesmerizes me,
each time she smiles,
each time I hug her,
I feel divine,
she smells like,
Undieing summer,
she blows my mind,
like a hurricane during this eternal sunshine,
she's the luckiest thing,
that happened to me,
To me to date,

But she thinks she unlucky,
like a disaster movie waiting to happen,
she laughs to the thought,
when the life is unfair on her,
her getting hurt means nothing to her,

It will amaze you,
to see her in tears,
the reason behind,
you will confusingly ponder,
she cries when she is helpless,
to see her loved ones hurt,
to see them in pain,

I wish I could make her realize,
She a guardian angel,
that God gifted mankind,
her childish ways,
how she giggles and smiles,
not knowing how innocent,
she is in her ways,

She's not unlucky,
but the world is cruel, unkind,
selfish and deranged,
she's too innocent,
too childish too cuddly,
in her mind,

If she knew how much,
I love her,
she ponders on the thought of vegas,
been my life,
wish she understood,
Her Her is my life,

I calmly wait,
I silently hope,
one day in this lifetime,
she will chose me,
with all she got,

They call me a,
hopeless romantic,
desperate in my feelings,
they say,
I don't know either,
all I know,
I love her in all the possible ways,

Yes call me crazy,
call me insane,
To me she is my Lilo,
I wanna be her Stitch,
all the way.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rules of Attraction

Rules of attraction,
are the new gossip,
the talk talked,
by teens,

the slang that's used,
the rapper terms,
to the smoking to impress,
they show how manly,
one can prove,

the adolescent fights,
the mischievous tales,
the things people do,
to impress,

Rules of attraction,
are now mislead,
by money, deceit and fame,

Like boys think,
the biggest engine wins,
To the girls,
with branded cloths,

Rules of attraction,
That Aphrodite lay,
are simple owned by all,

The rules of attraction,
is made from self belief,
the courage one takes to,
be himself or herself,

The rules of attraction,
lays deep in your soul,
that uniqueness,
the one holds,
dear to themselves,

God made beauty,
in all of us,
Unique not common,
in their ways,

The key for attraction,
is held by you,
How amazingly,
you can embrace,

Next time you think,
"Dress to impress"
be courageous,
embrace yourself,
see the reaction,
observed by all,
How comfy,
and lovable,
People do get,

The key is YOU,
always been YOU,
count yourself in,
in your blessings,
each day,
Be proud,
Treat yourself,
first with respect,

see the change,
Observed by all,
and embrace this feeling,
to the End.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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