Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Public Service

I've heard its a game,
Its  a man's gambler,
a playground for the rich,
a sex scandal,
we curse it each day,
we watch keenly its manipulation,
yes we read it daily,
yes its the gossip of each day,

Its a game of money,
the game of fame,
the game of power,
the almighty public scandal,

yes I'm talking politics,
that thing we often curse,
a mistake we commit,
infront of paper,

we scold our rulers,
we criticize their ways,
we barge at their lives,
we enjoy their cut throat ways,

we complain they steal,
we complain they idle,
yet again we commit the mistake,
yet again yes so blindly,

do we think to wonder,
that politics is a money game,
the corruptions,
the bribes,
is just a mere part of the worldwide game,

do we think to wonder,
that politics is service,
a public service they all say,

us as humans,
us as a mankind,
did we ever question
the service they provide?

the world has all its pluses,
yet its minuses,
the game is not fair,
the game does not have rules,
the game has its losses,
the game they say is greedy too,
at that time all we see is losses,

we eat,
we eat,
till one cannot breath,
the greed engulfs us,
yet the body is so weak,

with all that greed,
with all the food,
yet growth is still at stagnancy,

This game is a service,
we its customers,
we the losers,
yet we its creators,

its our lil' tele,
its us that cry,
its us that complain,
yet the game seems to be so fly'

next day don't be a victim,
be its customers,
be its user,
its a human right,
a public service we all require.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Close and tender,
truly it felt,
your warmth close to me,
for a second,
yes a second,
did my heartbeat,
your mine and mine to keep,

A lifetime I pondered,
a lifetime I lived,
hoping and living in your warmth,
then reality struck ,
your fears instilled,
Pushed me to far farway into the dark distance,

I kept praying,
praying silently,
that you too would notice the warmth,
but yes to my sad,
sad reality,
I was already way beyond your distance

Just one leap of faith,
Is all I ask,
and I jump all the next hurdles,

The truth remains,
you drag me close,
close enough we feel our warmth,
the truth remains,
you push me away,
so that not even miles could ever recover our distance.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Thursday, August 25, 2011

For each day I couldn't say I love you

Days of silence,
just passed me by,
each morning I message,
I silently wait for an reply,

The good old days,
yes I do miss,
the fighting,
the arguing,
the advising convos,
the weird topics,
yes I do miss,

How you push me further,
So that Im nothing like my dad,
Push my buttons so I achieve,
All that I can grab,
Sometimes the pain,
like not visiting homeland,
I know you nothing but the best,
Make sure I grow to be a proud man,

You may not have conceived,
You never loved me less,
You may not have known since my childhood,
but you read me too well,
too well than my parents ever could,
Each time I say I love you,
I mean it so,
You've been greater than a mother,
A guardian or an angel,
or anything more,

I couldn't thank you enough,
For all that you've done,
all that you withstood,
for this mischievous arrogant son,
Just wanna say I love you,
In the best way I know,
Yes poetry is what I'm good at,
I think its in my heart and my soul,

I love you mom,
I love you to bits,
No man could ask for a better mother,
Yes I'm truly blessed.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Those naughty wild eyes,
that walk that sways,
that ravishing cleavage,
that body smoking up by the day,
she is a Princess,
a Princess like no other,

those kiddish ways,
that halo above her head as you gaze,
the attention of rockstar,
the beauty of a god,
the mind of a child,
she truly is innocent at heart,
the country song heartbeat,
her smile room up a town,

the easily broke,
the easily hurt,
the most mischievous,
the princess adored,

loved and nurtured treated like a queen,
the wild wild nature,
the glam queen of the fashion city,
a drag queen she dresses on her peaceful Sunday,
the cowgirl she wishes her country song in full swing ,
all the way,

A helpful friend,
a naughty loving partner,
a generous giver,
a religious true believer,
this tale I tell of a princess,
a princess like no other,
I call her my barbie,
My Barbie is my friend,
like no other.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™


Beauty exists merely in the mind,
and our mind is what contemplates it,
when I saw her,
my mind said it out loud,
what a chaalu lady,
what innocent eyes,
what pride and what confidence,
her skin when felt was silk drapes,
that wild curled hair,
that graceful sway walk,
yes was truly mesmerizing,
her fashionable ways,
simple yet outstanding,
set a new definition to chaalu,
in this goddesses inhabited lil' island,
that adrenaline rush,
that giddy feeling,
I knew my eyes were blessed,
this infatuation,
was worth its ride,
that chaalu truly made me a dreamer.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Monday, July 11, 2011


Mage sitha Noiwasilenn bala siti,
Oba mata Labenna thura,
Mage Sitha Balaa siti,
Oba Mage mai Kiyana thura,
Sitha ekalas kara sama vitakama,
Ob mage manasata hemihita kondurai,
Mage sith balasiti,
Mama obata Aadare kiyaana thura,

Oba danni dho,
Nodanni dho,
Mage sitha nodhani
Kinissak Parana sei,
mage sithata dannei,

Oba hata kesei kiyanna dha,
Mamma noodani,
Oba Mage weewa kiya,
Mamma mulu hadhawathinma parathana karami.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Feeble attempt at writing in Sinhala :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Redeemed : By Maheshi Peiris & Liswith Obinamuni

Confusion compromised
weighed and wedged
into the heart
like a broken piece of glass
I would love to see
it bleed
unparallel to the natural
logic is dislodged
truth is denied
obvious is overlooked
hidden selfish gains
in the name of love..
the criminal of normalcy,
the victim of tattered hope,
the victim of blind faith,
the wanderer,
that seeks light of him,
the light in every face,

Time the true,
time the forgiving,
time the adviser,
time truly is comforting,

Parallel to the bleeding,
Parallel I was healed,
Parallel to the sorrow,
Parallel I was redeemed,

Now that light is shining,
shining on me,
shining ever bright,
Yes clearly I can see,

life has been unjust
but time should be my way,
the unfocused,
was focused,
redeemed I am today.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™ & Maheshi Peiris


Its sad to see a culture grow,
with such a narrow mindset,
where basis is corruption,
And vulgarity their spice,
tattle tales all they seek,
they hunger when a T.V is on,
to sulk in others sorrows,
they pass blame around,
like society and life,
is one wild dodge ball game,
when one is hit they fall,
they rest criticize the fallen,

They want change,
They want it better,
yet refuse to change themselves,
they like the concept of blame,
the imagination of the vulgarity,
they love a story with sorrow and sulking nature,

How careless are their minds,
not to realize that change should start,
in them first,
then in one another,
widen that mind,
from that narrow blind perspective,
and smile now from their hearts,
not from the one they dress up each fine day,

If they embrace this change first in them,
then in one another,
then that change,
that you and I crave for,
the light will shine,
on one another.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just another story

There was this boy,
who was friends with this girl,
they were friends for ages,
he cared for her,
loved her like his own,
they were just perfect for each other,

this boy plays around,
yet take cares of her,
she meant the world to him,
he was confused for himself,
was this friendship or love,
he pondered very silently,

He knew it was love,
he was in love with her,
Oh my god he thought to himself,
her friendship was more valuable to him,
than his stupid feelings,

One night he woke up,
amazed by his dreams,
she was indeed his wife,
his dearly beloved,
they had kids,
they made love,
his dream just felt too real,

He woke,
just asked her what she felt about him for real,
he was amazed at each word that was uttered,
yet made him fall to his knees,
she loved him back,
yes she loved him dearly,
but age was the restriction,
she told him she will marry him,
just age was her barrier,

He told her he feels the same,
He would give up his life for her,
that she was the most astounding thing he met,
Told her age was just a count,
count that society makes to keep track of us,
We are in love my friend,
there is nothing more beautiful than that,

She said to him age wasn't a count,
It meant alot to her,
He kept his silence,
to date they do,
they act as perfect strangers,

Each morning they dress well,
each day,
they kill their feelings,
They are used to it,
so causal it has become,
they move on in silence where no one knows,
how amazing they could be together,
this is just a fools hope story,
with the usual touch of an untold tale my friend.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


There was this man,
who fell in love,
truly madly deeply,
there was this girl,
who hoped prayed nothing but the best,
nothing less for this man who crazily loved her,

There was a flaw,
to this amazing tale,
That had no rational solution,
He was madly in love with her,
She too was in love with her dream lover,

They spoke,
They comforted,
He took care of her,
like no other,
She always said,
good things happen to the best of people,
She asked why aren't you selfish,
why not think about yourself,
be hopeful for the better, be hopeful for the best,
why think of negative,
why would you think that happily ever after,
is not for you my friend,

He thought to himself,
If I were selfish,
If i were crude,
Who would take care of her,
who would remind her of dreams,
who would make sure they do come true,
who would secretly watch over her,
like her shadow , her guardian,
who would be the asshole and scold her,
push her limits to reach nothing less than the stars,

this tale will go on each day of their lives,
each day where his heart skips a beat for her,
like the happiest melody that Beethoven played,
to inspire to captivate your mind,
He dreams of her day in day out,
her been the top of his world,

One grand day arrived,
an orchestra played,
they was this grand amazing question,
why can't my lover be like you,
and awkward silence that followed,

He maintained his silence,
kept his head up high,
knowing no matter what the ending maybe,
no man can love her like he does,
no man can shin ea smile,
on her face like he does,
she never be alone, insecure
with him as a shadow of her life,
that thought keeps him living,
will continue to keep him alive,
hopeful for another day,
hopeful just to feel alive.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Little Demon

There once lived a boy,
Just filled with anger,
His soul was just,
Not in control,

His tormented past,
his unresolved anger,
still lingers in his soul,

his anger just keeps bottling in,
the more furious that he grows,
he prays each day,
he will not leash that devil,
the so called demon,
he genetically holds,

he tries so hard,
to control that demon,
but the world wants it more,
the selfishness,
the betrayals,
they keep making use of him more,

maybe he wonders,
that so called demon,
was never genetic from the start,
maybe the man made disasters,
the scard ways,
that tempt hat demon,
to unleash more.

he prays each day,
that he does not become so,
the demons they tell he holds,
but along with that,
he feels he demon,
closer and warmer than,
it ever was before,

he knows it his call,
his own burden,
that the demon is not unleashed,
it his future,
his destruction,
that will cost,
if ever unleashed.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Making Love to you

I often dream of,
myself in her arms,
embraced by her warmth,
engulfed in her charm,
I picture myself,
playing with her wild curls,
looking into her dreamy eyes,
whispering dirty little tales,
kissing her neck softly,
playing with her mind,
I kiss her lips tenderly,
relaxing her body her mind,
Ensuring her security,
she is mine alone,
lips pressing biting,
teasing our soul,
I want to make love to her,
just her alone,
My lips kissing slowly,
her cute cheek bones,
tender love is what,
I want to make to her alone,

My nose trickling down her neck,
I caress I suckle her bosoms,
Hold her tight to myself,
never to let go,
her warmth embraces me,
eases my soul,
sets out that flaming anger I hold,
In my mind In my soul,
I kiss her tummy,
I tease her more,
make her hungry for my warmth,
make her ensured,
this man is just her's body and soul,
never to be be shared,
just her's alone,
I wrap my hands around her tummy,
a bite of her bum,
kissing her soft skin,
kissing her soft legs,
like dew drops on petal,
in the first spring sun,
tonight my baby we make passionate love,
the warmth,
the fire,
our body's' moving as one,
we rejoice,
we celebrate,
our dieing love,
Tonight my my baby we are making nothing but love,

I make love to my baby,
not in lust,
but with bonding,
never shall we part either of us,
the heart I give to you,
with all my love and trust,
this mind just ,
ensures her security her been the top priority is a must,
this body I give to her,
to make sweet tender love,
me as a whole,
is hers hers only,
Till I turn to dust.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Problem complications,
we face each day,
not one less than the other,
life challenges us each day,

we all think the same,
I have the toughest life they say,
my problems are incomparable,
burdens are how I pay,

Do we really seek any answers?
Do you want the problem untied,
Are you just complaining,
for the sake of complaining,
or is attention that you cry?

Yes we have problems,
some do seek answers,
sometimes in our own way,
but learn the difference in problems,
some are just complains,
some are seeking answers,
in any possible way,

If one does have a problem,
If they say my life is hard,
If they blame on their parents,
or just their random past,

They are not seeking any answers,
Just complaining,
Is how they speak,
Just attention,
is all they seek,
But don't judge all in the,
same eye view,
as some do genuinely seek,

If one specifys a problem,
they know what help they need,
that person is seeking your guidance,
as they cannot seek alone indeed,

Problems my friend,
are a constant,
they come in different faces,
each day,
Is facing them with a smile,
that winner's attitude,
We should embrace,

Learn life gives us choices,
Choices that we make,
right choices,
we have a smile on the face,
wrong choice,
we learn and we face,
the lesson should be,
How we move on,
Learn from our past,

Problems are not meant,
to be sobed on,
but taken with a smile,
God wants me to be stronger,
He always has the bigger picture in mind.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lilo & Stitch

She mesmerizes me,
each time she smiles,
each time I hug her,
I feel divine,
she smells like,
Undieing summer,
she blows my mind,
like a hurricane during this eternal sunshine,
she's the luckiest thing,
that happened to me,
To me to date,

But she thinks she unlucky,
like a disaster movie waiting to happen,
she laughs to the thought,
when the life is unfair on her,
her getting hurt means nothing to her,

It will amaze you,
to see her in tears,
the reason behind,
you will confusingly ponder,
she cries when she is helpless,
to see her loved ones hurt,
to see them in pain,

I wish I could make her realize,
She a guardian angel,
that God gifted mankind,
her childish ways,
how she giggles and smiles,
not knowing how innocent,
she is in her ways,

She's not unlucky,
but the world is cruel, unkind,
selfish and deranged,
she's too innocent,
too childish too cuddly,
in her mind,

If she knew how much,
I love her,
she ponders on the thought of vegas,
been my life,
wish she understood,
Her Her is my life,

I calmly wait,
I silently hope,
one day in this lifetime,
she will chose me,
with all she got,

They call me a,
hopeless romantic,
desperate in my feelings,
they say,
I don't know either,
all I know,
I love her in all the possible ways,

Yes call me crazy,
call me insane,
To me she is my Lilo,
I wanna be her Stitch,
all the way.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rules of Attraction

Rules of attraction,
are the new gossip,
the talk talked,
by teens,

the slang that's used,
the rapper terms,
to the smoking to impress,
they show how manly,
one can prove,

the adolescent fights,
the mischievous tales,
the things people do,
to impress,

Rules of attraction,
are now mislead,
by money, deceit and fame,

Like boys think,
the biggest engine wins,
To the girls,
with branded cloths,

Rules of attraction,
That Aphrodite lay,
are simple owned by all,

The rules of attraction,
is made from self belief,
the courage one takes to,
be himself or herself,

The rules of attraction,
lays deep in your soul,
that uniqueness,
the one holds,
dear to themselves,

God made beauty,
in all of us,
Unique not common,
in their ways,

The key for attraction,
is held by you,
How amazingly,
you can embrace,

Next time you think,
"Dress to impress"
be courageous,
embrace yourself,
see the reaction,
observed by all,
How comfy,
and lovable,
People do get,

The key is YOU,
always been YOU,
count yourself in,
in your blessings,
each day,
Be proud,
Treat yourself,
first with respect,

see the change,
Observed by all,
and embrace this feeling,
to the End.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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