Friday, December 24, 2010

Shared Love : Responsibility

Earth is our mother,
to her bosom she holds,
the warmth surrounds us,
unlimited love we own,

selfish us humans,
we have never learnt to share,
takes our mother's love for granted,
Everything she shares,

God created nature,
the tress we dearly chop,
the sofas we lounge on,
luxury my friend,
wow they say that's the new luck,

The snake skin shoes,
the woolen gangsta coats,
now that's a lot of animals,
we endlessly just kill,
more more more,

Think highly,
we the superior race,
resources are at our mercy,
everything else is just below our grade,

the harder hit by nature,
will this immature beings learn,
Earth is our mother,
shared love is what we should learn,
rarely we think,
we share the same space,
the same air we breath,
the water which rains,
then why the superior,
why such inhumanly acts,
God made man in his image,
I doubt very much,

The cruelty we show towards the creatures,
that share,
that share our land,
that hurt we make them go through,
every thought is just a scare,
just ponder in Ur mind,
have that sweet dream at night,
invert the situation,
go through that scare,
see how the beauty sleep,
turns to a nightmare,

Cruelty on an animal,
or just your fellow men,
think twice before your actions,
cos reverted,
you wouldn't dare to imagine,
remember responsibility,
is not only to yourself,
not only to your loved,
but to the society,
and space,
we share we live in.

Next time think for a second selfless,
think the chain reaction it would bring,
the cruelty shown on the homeless,
on the stray dog at you dustbin,
This world revolves around karma,
and karma is a bitch,
If you heart doesn't stop you,
make sure the fear for karma sure will.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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