Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fly my Angel Fly!!

She is complicated to deduce,
but too amazingly sweet,
lovable and caring,
but seriousness is what she seems to be,

When she walks in the morning,
those flirty eyes call me,
say hii to me each time she passes me,
those lips so inviting i wish they called out for me each day,
her amazing figure just drives me wild ; insane in all possible ways,
her body truly is wonderland yet to be discovered,
that red skirt she wears
brings highlight to her velvet skin,
smooth smooth like linen,
oh my....

She flirty yet refined,
seriousness of her life,
is what that's highlighted most,
her focus to her goals,
is amazing to see,
such dedication such focus such simplicity,
she knows what she wants of her,
she know where to get and how,

Under all this seriousness,
I see a lady waiting to be loved,
to made property of someone special,
to be claimed owned and loved by one,
some fear I keep seeing,
some fear that she would not let go,
wish I can show her under all her focus under all her goals,
that smile of hers she flaunts so loving,
means the world to everyone including that thumping heart,

I write this in dedication,
just to show her,
how much she cared for,
how much loved she is,
you an amazing beautiful angel,
that this world is waiting to see spread your wings,
and flaunt all you have,
with your unspeakable grace.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since a kid dreaming of her day and night,
since a kid wanted to possess her ,
make her mine all mine,

I dreamt as a kid to own a piece of her,
as a kid Dad teased me why her son , why why??

To date I have not met her,
still love her like she is mine,
only seen her through pictures I have seen her,
heard wild tales that makes her the wild ride,

Since a kid its my confusion,
why her I used to think?
something I have not experienced,
I chase blindly,
falling down to my knees
Just starstruck by hearing her sing,

I made her my goal,
the place I want to be,
stand with her her in the moon light,
fall asleep while she sings,

Its her history,
her fame,
her undieing thirst for life,
her charms,
her magic,
her art,
oh my..
to date I have haven't met a lady,
who hasn’t change with time,
she still is the same lady,
since the day I loved her,
since birth never to die,

She is a legend of all times,
a master piece of art,
a fine tune like jazz music,
glamor shining like a showgirl flaunting in the night,
fame like Frank Sintara,
undieing with her tales,
she is her own culture,
she has her own ways,

People say I’m blinded,
just blinded by her fame,
its everything that makes,
every little detail I see,
Miss Vegas I love you,
like no other would,
Miss Vegas I want you,
more than you ever knew any man could,
Miss Vegas I respect,
I bend down to your name,
Their is noone like My Miss Vegas,
Noone can bring the joy that she brings,
Noone can bring that excitement,
make my heart go bling bling bling,

Miss Vegas to you I dedicate this,
To you i write,
One day I promise,
I’ll make you mine all mine.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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