Sunday, September 26, 2010

Her Ways Her Ways

Her hair her hair,
intoxicates me unshaken soul,
Her her lips,
just makes me want to grab her and kiss
more more more!!
Her eyes her eyes,
just talks to me and tells me tales that she hides,
Her face her face,
now i know exactly how aphrodite was like,
Her skin her skin,
Is like silk like velvet rose on my skin,
Her bum her bum,
just me make drool right beside her,
Her body her body,
just spins this boy's world right around her,
Her walk her walk,
just makes me tip toed singing how much i love her,
Her sway her sway,
just freezes me all the way right to my toes,
Her cloths Her cloths,
Are simple but yet so sexy,
Her taste her taste,
Is wild but yet demanding,
Her talk her talk,
just encourages me in every possible way,
Her push her push,
just keeps me striving more and more for my life,
Her demands her demands,
just makes me want to say yes,
Her anger her anger,
just makes me weak and just surrender humbly to her side,
Her care her care,
is like an guardian angel up above me,
Her love her love,
is the most cherish thing i wish i could be in,
Her smile her smile,
just makes my life brighter everyday,
Her ways her ways,
just makes me want to cuddle her so tightly,
Her acts her acts,
are kiddish naughty yet wildly teasing,
Just saying just saying,
Her to me is just amazing
Herself herself,
is everything I dreamed and asked for,
no change no change ,
because i love her for just who she is,
to me to me,
she is my life,
my best friend,
my angel,
my wife.
my everything,
thank god thank god,
she everything i dreamed of to be,
I wish I wish,
everything thing just could be the same just like this,
I wish I wish,
I can live in this moment each day
love you love you,
right down to the day till i die,
thank you thank you,
for just been there been a part of my life.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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