Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding vows

There are two kinds of time,
Good and bad times they say,
but to our amazement everything flies away,
the good thing you see,
for the bad times to come,
bad times too do drift away,

this takes me on a walk,
a walk about love,
cos' love has its partner,
who always tags along,
complications my friends,
is just around the corner,
we don't know when it might be,
but sure just around the corner,

I solemnly swear from this day forth,
to give myself in marriage,
a promise to encourage,
a promise to inspire,
a promise of security,
a promise to laugh by your side,
a promise to kiss away your tears,
a promise to cherish,
a promise to hold you in highest regard,

to good times ahead,
to the bad times to come,
having you in my life,
is a small miracle my love,
together we will make the beauty,
together a miracle we will share,
a pledge of my faith from today on I swear.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, July 9, 2010

Song : Eterno Resplandor please review people

Verse 01

Each morning i rise with you on my mind,
I step out my door to see my sunshine,
The glee i feel as I stare at those eyes,
The rest that i feel when i daze in that smile,

Verse 02

Innocent embrace that you behold,
the anger that burst bright,
just make me want you more more more,
the pride that you smirk,
the challenge that i love,


To me you're my sun,
Where I want nothing no more,
To me you're my prayer answered,
Where I want nothing no more

Verse 03

I stare at those lips not in lust,
just you your warmth in only I trust,
the touch of release when you smile,
that hyper active craze sets me free sets me wild,

Verse 04

This feeling of such comfort,
this feeling of ease,
years since my heart felt,,
let it rejoice,
let it go oh oh oh,


To me you're my sun,
Where I want nothing no more,
To me you're my prayer answered,
Where I want nothing no more

Verse 05

This step out of faith,
to engrave your name,
to scar off my loneliness,
to release this burning flame,
Cos to me your my world,
my life as i see,
the future i behold,
the warmth i seek.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, July 2, 2010

Time and Love

There was an isle,
Where feelings lived,
With energy it was filled,
One fateful day,
A horror struck the isle,
Sinking was on its way,

Panic struck,
They planed to leave
Boats were built in panic,
Ms Love said she stay back on,
And hold till the last possibility,

The isle almost sank,
She screamed for help,
Find all possibilities,

Mr. Richness passed in his Grande boat,
Love asked can you take me,
Richness harshly replied back,
No room in here exists,

Vanity came by in her glamorous boat,
Love screamed please help me,
She vaguely replied,
You will wet my boat damage the inside,
Sorry I can’t be of help,

Sadness was closing in,
Love pleaded let me go with you,
Sadness sobbingly said,
Alone I need to be by myself,

Ms. Happiness passed out,
Not hearing her screams,
The joy had embraced her,

A tender soft voice,
Called out I’ll take you,
Come Love come with me,

She was thrilled to her feet,
An elder had seeked her out,
She followed him blindly,
Engulfed in joy,
Not knowing what the outcome would become,

Dry land reached,
He left he took his path,
Love did not know his name,
Love was worried of her ignorance,
Seeked Mr.Knowledge away,
Thinking he would know of his name,

Knowledge smiled and replied,
It’s Time my Love,
Time is who stuck with you,
Love confusingly asked,
Why did he seek and help me?
Knowledge silently replied,
Time only has the wisdom to understand,
To understand the value of love,

Hold on tight,
Hold on firm,
To the one you dearly love,
Time has his plans,
He has his ways,
Of mysteriously guiding you out,

Desperate dreams,
They do come true,
Just faith,
And start to believe.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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