Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tender la inocencia

Short Hair,
Such Tender skin,
Charming like a kid,
Rosy lips,
Such gentle nature,
An angel god blessed,
Innocence gleaming,
Like the northern star in the night sky,
Which lights up all the way,
Nasty wild touch in that smile,
That sets up all her hype,
That timid walk,
Those talking eyes,
Which intoxicates me everytime,
Simple dress no earings woren,
The charm sets her apart,
This to me is a small miracle,
This beauty drives me wild,

The beauty is in the eyes of beholder,
The beholder driven wild,
The Small Miracle,
I met intoxicates my mind,
Creeps silently a wander in the night.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mi Mundo

Women I hear fantasize,
secretly they say,
To be loved by an artist,
secretly they say,
to appreciate her details,
to the finest of her details,
every curve,
every line,
every indentation,
they say,
to be loved for her beauty,
to identify the unique,
to treat her the Princess,
The Queen she should be,

I am not an artist,
I cannot depict each detail,
so isn't my love unique,
to her in any way?
All i know is I love her
Each second,
Each day,
Why me she might wonder?
Why me? she must say
this to you is my detail
this to you is my tale,

Humans they say are the image,
image of our lord,
if My lord made me my angel,
she every bit of what i thought,

So truthful in character,
Innocent in her ways,
but naughty and feisty,
those eyes speak I must say,

she has been beaten,
life has been unfair,
but to date she stands a soldier,
courageous and a decorated one,
No one would dare,

Her honesty,
Her kindness,
the simplicity if her dreams,
I cannot believe such an human,
such humans now exist,
the world has grown crueler,
the kinder she seems,

Oh my god she's my angel,
my world as i see,
I love my angel,
thank you my lord,

Sorry I'm not that secret artist,
Sorry i cannot fine tune each detail,
All I know is that I love U,
I love you each day,
All I know is your happiness,
means my dreams achieved in every possible way!

To you I lay my life,
and give all that I am,
Awaiting that: "I love You"
this lifetime or the next,
but my heart says have faith,
that you would be mine,
my ; Mi mundo ,
my angel,
my life,

Forever you touched my heart,
In ways I never dreamt,
You influenced my life like a storm that spun my head,
You shook my world lit color to its dead,
Faith you laid blindly,
Which to date i cannot explain why in any form of sense,
You rock my world baby,
I love you till the end.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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