Monday, April 26, 2010

Stepping Stones

Poet once upon a time I was not ; my inspiration was first writing poems for My X-Girlfriend.

I got into the habit of publishing my poems on Facebook where my first fan of inspiration was Miss Erandi De Silva.

Once a wise man Mr.Wasantha Weerakoon advised me to start Blogging my poems for my reference as well as for the references of others; ideas kept flowing along with my inquisitive nature of society and talking and having serious long conversations with My Mom Mrs Madhumathie Weerakoon.

This undying habit kept me yearning to write more publish more, Malla Duval Weerakoon introduced me to Deviant Art one by one I was exposed to Media Social Networks where I kept publishing my art and still continue to do so.

My publishing took me over the drive to write became a hunger where I took a turn to notice a webzine called Erbenizer and I knew it this was my break to share my thoughts my creativity with society; for my blessing one fellow organizer is one of my best friends Rashika Fazali, where she got me the insights and into the crew as a writer.

Poems slowly now has grown to be a part of my life, Who I am & What I represent.

Creation of a fan page was my next initiative to keep all informed of my publications thanks to my fans my friends its keeps growing awareness of my work increased.

Twitter the wildfire of the social media network was given on a platter by Miss Sharron Dekker an amazing friend and an administrator of my fan page who keeps the updates on Twitter.

My blogging introduced me to so many individuals so many people who have kept me going kept the fuel running ; a lady takes a special place as a crazy fan and the craziest inspiration Heshanie Aloysius.

From her the drive came for me to have my poems published on paper as a book; she thinks my passion this candle which burns should be my life pattern ,my job ,my career.

These are my stepping stones for my dream.

Yours Truly,

Liswith Obinamuni

P.S : proof reading and editing by Miss Sharron Dekker

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