Friday, December 24, 2010

Shared Love : Responsibility

Earth is our mother,
to her bosom she holds,
the warmth surrounds us,
unlimited love we own,

selfish us humans,
we have never learnt to share,
takes our mother's love for granted,
Everything she shares,

God created nature,
the tress we dearly chop,
the sofas we lounge on,
luxury my friend,
wow they say that's the new luck,

The snake skin shoes,
the woolen gangsta coats,
now that's a lot of animals,
we endlessly just kill,
more more more,

Think highly,
we the superior race,
resources are at our mercy,
everything else is just below our grade,

the harder hit by nature,
will this immature beings learn,
Earth is our mother,
shared love is what we should learn,
rarely we think,
we share the same space,
the same air we breath,
the water which rains,
then why the superior,
why such inhumanly acts,
God made man in his image,
I doubt very much,

The cruelty we show towards the creatures,
that share,
that share our land,
that hurt we make them go through,
every thought is just a scare,
just ponder in Ur mind,
have that sweet dream at night,
invert the situation,
go through that scare,
see how the beauty sleep,
turns to a nightmare,

Cruelty on an animal,
or just your fellow men,
think twice before your actions,
cos reverted,
you wouldn't dare to imagine,
remember responsibility,
is not only to yourself,
not only to your loved,
but to the society,
and space,
we share we live in.

Next time think for a second selfless,
think the chain reaction it would bring,
the cruelty shown on the homeless,
on the stray dog at you dustbin,
This world revolves around karma,
and karma is a bitch,
If you heart doesn't stop you,
make sure the fear for karma sure will.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fly my Angel Fly!!

She is complicated to deduce,
but too amazingly sweet,
lovable and caring,
but seriousness is what she seems to be,

When she walks in the morning,
those flirty eyes call me,
say hii to me each time she passes me,
those lips so inviting i wish they called out for me each day,
her amazing figure just drives me wild ; insane in all possible ways,
her body truly is wonderland yet to be discovered,
that red skirt she wears
brings highlight to her velvet skin,
smooth smooth like linen,
oh my....

She flirty yet refined,
seriousness of her life,
is what that's highlighted most,
her focus to her goals,
is amazing to see,
such dedication such focus such simplicity,
she knows what she wants of her,
she know where to get and how,

Under all this seriousness,
I see a lady waiting to be loved,
to made property of someone special,
to be claimed owned and loved by one,
some fear I keep seeing,
some fear that she would not let go,
wish I can show her under all her focus under all her goals,
that smile of hers she flaunts so loving,
means the world to everyone including that thumping heart,

I write this in dedication,
just to show her,
how much she cared for,
how much loved she is,
you an amazing beautiful angel,
that this world is waiting to see spread your wings,
and flaunt all you have,
with your unspeakable grace.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Since a kid dreaming of her day and night,
since a kid wanted to possess her ,
make her mine all mine,

I dreamt as a kid to own a piece of her,
as a kid Dad teased me why her son , why why??

To date I have not met her,
still love her like she is mine,
only seen her through pictures I have seen her,
heard wild tales that makes her the wild ride,

Since a kid its my confusion,
why her I used to think?
something I have not experienced,
I chase blindly,
falling down to my knees
Just starstruck by hearing her sing,

I made her my goal,
the place I want to be,
stand with her her in the moon light,
fall asleep while she sings,

Its her history,
her fame,
her undieing thirst for life,
her charms,
her magic,
her art,
oh my..
to date I have haven't met a lady,
who hasn’t change with time,
she still is the same lady,
since the day I loved her,
since birth never to die,

She is a legend of all times,
a master piece of art,
a fine tune like jazz music,
glamor shining like a showgirl flaunting in the night,
fame like Frank Sintara,
undieing with her tales,
she is her own culture,
she has her own ways,

People say I’m blinded,
just blinded by her fame,
its everything that makes,
every little detail I see,
Miss Vegas I love you,
like no other would,
Miss Vegas I want you,
more than you ever knew any man could,
Miss Vegas I respect,
I bend down to your name,
Their is noone like My Miss Vegas,
Noone can bring the joy that she brings,
Noone can bring that excitement,
make my heart go bling bling bling,

Miss Vegas to you I dedicate this,
To you i write,
One day I promise,
I’ll make you mine all mine.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Her Ways Her Ways

Her hair her hair,
intoxicates me unshaken soul,
Her her lips,
just makes me want to grab her and kiss
more more more!!
Her eyes her eyes,
just talks to me and tells me tales that she hides,
Her face her face,
now i know exactly how aphrodite was like,
Her skin her skin,
Is like silk like velvet rose on my skin,
Her bum her bum,
just me make drool right beside her,
Her body her body,
just spins this boy's world right around her,
Her walk her walk,
just makes me tip toed singing how much i love her,
Her sway her sway,
just freezes me all the way right to my toes,
Her cloths Her cloths,
Are simple but yet so sexy,
Her taste her taste,
Is wild but yet demanding,
Her talk her talk,
just encourages me in every possible way,
Her push her push,
just keeps me striving more and more for my life,
Her demands her demands,
just makes me want to say yes,
Her anger her anger,
just makes me weak and just surrender humbly to her side,
Her care her care,
is like an guardian angel up above me,
Her love her love,
is the most cherish thing i wish i could be in,
Her smile her smile,
just makes my life brighter everyday,
Her ways her ways,
just makes me want to cuddle her so tightly,
Her acts her acts,
are kiddish naughty yet wildly teasing,
Just saying just saying,
Her to me is just amazing
Herself herself,
is everything I dreamed and asked for,
no change no change ,
because i love her for just who she is,
to me to me,
she is my life,
my best friend,
my angel,
my wife.
my everything,
thank god thank god,
she everything i dreamed of to be,
I wish I wish,
everything thing just could be the same just like this,
I wish I wish,
I can live in this moment each day
love you love you,
right down to the day till i die,
thank you thank you,
for just been there been a part of my life.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

She spells out Desi

She spells out Desi,
The culture she follows,
She spells out Desi,
The tradition she dearly holds,
She spells out Desi,
When her short untamely hair sways,
She spells out Desi,
When those mesmerizing eyes gaze,
She spells out Desi,
When her lips say soft tales,
She spells out Desi,
When silk wrapped around her waist,
She spells out Desi,
With her undying energy,
She spells out Desi,
Her heartedly passion in everything you do,
She spells out Desi,
Like Venus when she walks,
She spells out Desi,
With the glamour she holds,
She spells out Desi,
With her charm innocent smile,
To me she is Desi,
Yai Desi larki one of a kind

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Noone Knows what its like to be Me

A warm subtle hug,
A touch of release,
glad to feel alive,
glad to be set free,
My long lost treasure,
My forbidden fruit,
My kryptonite she tells me,
damn it , it feels so good,

To release my anger,
to settle my burning soul,
to feel alive just this moment,
that's all I dreamed for,
the way she can control me,
the way I feel once more,
how amazing it is and was before,
just me who knows it,
just me who knows,

She says i hide my feelings,
I do not deny it,
I do no say no,
Cos' nothing hurts me dearly,
nothing this world can throw,

I patiently wait,
Grieve softly,
yet silently,
till my feelings are worthy,
Worthy that this world world may see.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wedding vows

There are two kinds of time,
Good and bad times they say,
but to our amazement everything flies away,
the good thing you see,
for the bad times to come,
bad times too do drift away,

this takes me on a walk,
a walk about love,
cos' love has its partner,
who always tags along,
complications my friends,
is just around the corner,
we don't know when it might be,
but sure just around the corner,

I solemnly swear from this day forth,
to give myself in marriage,
a promise to encourage,
a promise to inspire,
a promise of security,
a promise to laugh by your side,
a promise to kiss away your tears,
a promise to cherish,
a promise to hold you in highest regard,

to good times ahead,
to the bad times to come,
having you in my life,
is a small miracle my love,
together we will make the beauty,
together a miracle we will share,
a pledge of my faith from today on I swear.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, July 9, 2010

Song : Eterno Resplandor please review people

Verse 01

Each morning i rise with you on my mind,
I step out my door to see my sunshine,
The glee i feel as I stare at those eyes,
The rest that i feel when i daze in that smile,

Verse 02

Innocent embrace that you behold,
the anger that burst bright,
just make me want you more more more,
the pride that you smirk,
the challenge that i love,


To me you're my sun,
Where I want nothing no more,
To me you're my prayer answered,
Where I want nothing no more

Verse 03

I stare at those lips not in lust,
just you your warmth in only I trust,
the touch of release when you smile,
that hyper active craze sets me free sets me wild,

Verse 04

This feeling of such comfort,
this feeling of ease,
years since my heart felt,,
let it rejoice,
let it go oh oh oh,


To me you're my sun,
Where I want nothing no more,
To me you're my prayer answered,
Where I want nothing no more

Verse 05

This step out of faith,
to engrave your name,
to scar off my loneliness,
to release this burning flame,
Cos to me your my world,
my life as i see,
the future i behold,
the warmth i seek.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, July 2, 2010

Time and Love

There was an isle,
Where feelings lived,
With energy it was filled,
One fateful day,
A horror struck the isle,
Sinking was on its way,

Panic struck,
They planed to leave
Boats were built in panic,
Ms Love said she stay back on,
And hold till the last possibility,

The isle almost sank,
She screamed for help,
Find all possibilities,

Mr. Richness passed in his Grande boat,
Love asked can you take me,
Richness harshly replied back,
No room in here exists,

Vanity came by in her glamorous boat,
Love screamed please help me,
She vaguely replied,
You will wet my boat damage the inside,
Sorry I can’t be of help,

Sadness was closing in,
Love pleaded let me go with you,
Sadness sobbingly said,
Alone I need to be by myself,

Ms. Happiness passed out,
Not hearing her screams,
The joy had embraced her,

A tender soft voice,
Called out I’ll take you,
Come Love come with me,

She was thrilled to her feet,
An elder had seeked her out,
She followed him blindly,
Engulfed in joy,
Not knowing what the outcome would become,

Dry land reached,
He left he took his path,
Love did not know his name,
Love was worried of her ignorance,
Seeked Mr.Knowledge away,
Thinking he would know of his name,

Knowledge smiled and replied,
It’s Time my Love,
Time is who stuck with you,
Love confusingly asked,
Why did he seek and help me?
Knowledge silently replied,
Time only has the wisdom to understand,
To understand the value of love,

Hold on tight,
Hold on firm,
To the one you dearly love,
Time has his plans,
He has his ways,
Of mysteriously guiding you out,

Desperate dreams,
They do come true,
Just faith,
And start to believe.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, June 4, 2010


I will reside in U,
Creep in your mind,
Be your soul,
Steal your heart,
Intoxicate your blood,
Be the light in your eyes,
The warmth of your body,
The passion of your life,
Forevers truly your Jaan.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tender la inocencia

Short Hair,
Such Tender skin,
Charming like a kid,
Rosy lips,
Such gentle nature,
An angel god blessed,
Innocence gleaming,
Like the northern star in the night sky,
Which lights up all the way,
Nasty wild touch in that smile,
That sets up all her hype,
That timid walk,
Those talking eyes,
Which intoxicates me everytime,
Simple dress no earings woren,
The charm sets her apart,
This to me is a small miracle,
This beauty drives me wild,

The beauty is in the eyes of beholder,
The beholder driven wild,
The Small Miracle,
I met intoxicates my mind,
Creeps silently a wander in the night.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mi Mundo

Women I hear fantasize,
secretly they say,
To be loved by an artist,
secretly they say,
to appreciate her details,
to the finest of her details,
every curve,
every line,
every indentation,
they say,
to be loved for her beauty,
to identify the unique,
to treat her the Princess,
The Queen she should be,

I am not an artist,
I cannot depict each detail,
so isn't my love unique,
to her in any way?
All i know is I love her
Each second,
Each day,
Why me she might wonder?
Why me? she must say
this to you is my detail
this to you is my tale,

Humans they say are the image,
image of our lord,
if My lord made me my angel,
she every bit of what i thought,

So truthful in character,
Innocent in her ways,
but naughty and feisty,
those eyes speak I must say,

she has been beaten,
life has been unfair,
but to date she stands a soldier,
courageous and a decorated one,
No one would dare,

Her honesty,
Her kindness,
the simplicity if her dreams,
I cannot believe such an human,
such humans now exist,
the world has grown crueler,
the kinder she seems,

Oh my god she's my angel,
my world as i see,
I love my angel,
thank you my lord,

Sorry I'm not that secret artist,
Sorry i cannot fine tune each detail,
All I know is that I love U,
I love you each day,
All I know is your happiness,
means my dreams achieved in every possible way!

To you I lay my life,
and give all that I am,
Awaiting that: "I love You"
this lifetime or the next,
but my heart says have faith,
that you would be mine,
my ; Mi mundo ,
my angel,
my life,

Forever you touched my heart,
In ways I never dreamt,
You influenced my life like a storm that spun my head,
You shook my world lit color to its dead,
Faith you laid blindly,
Which to date i cannot explain why in any form of sense,
You rock my world baby,
I love you till the end.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Monday, April 26, 2010

Stepping Stones

Poet once upon a time I was not ; my inspiration was first writing poems for My X-Girlfriend.

I got into the habit of publishing my poems on Facebook where my first fan of inspiration was Miss Erandi De Silva.

Once a wise man Mr.Wasantha Weerakoon advised me to start Blogging my poems for my reference as well as for the references of others; ideas kept flowing along with my inquisitive nature of society and talking and having serious long conversations with My Mom Mrs Madhumathie Weerakoon.

This undying habit kept me yearning to write more publish more, Malla Duval Weerakoon introduced me to Deviant Art one by one I was exposed to Media Social Networks where I kept publishing my art and still continue to do so.

My publishing took me over the drive to write became a hunger where I took a turn to notice a webzine called Erbenizer and I knew it this was my break to share my thoughts my creativity with society; for my blessing one fellow organizer is one of my best friends Rashika Fazali, where she got me the insights and into the crew as a writer.

Poems slowly now has grown to be a part of my life, Who I am & What I represent.

Creation of a fan page was my next initiative to keep all informed of my publications thanks to my fans my friends its keeps growing awareness of my work increased.

Twitter the wildfire of the social media network was given on a platter by Miss Sharron Dekker an amazing friend and an administrator of my fan page who keeps the updates on Twitter.

My blogging introduced me to so many individuals so many people who have kept me going kept the fuel running ; a lady takes a special place as a crazy fan and the craziest inspiration Heshanie Aloysius.

From her the drive came for me to have my poems published on paper as a book; she thinks my passion this candle which burns should be my life pattern ,my job ,my career.

These are my stepping stones for my dream.

Yours Truly,

Liswith Obinamuni

P.S : proof reading and editing by Miss Sharron Dekker

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Wanna run my fingers through her hair,
Get intoxicated by the fragrance of her breeze,
Kiss her eyes ensure her my security,
Run my nose down her long neck like the tricking waterfall of a lush mountain,
Caress her bosoms feel the warmth of her ample love,
Kiss her tummy gently like dew drops on a Lilly,
Grab her tight close to my body like a furnace during the winter,
Grace down her silk soft legs like drapes during wedding chimes
Bite her firm tight firm ass like the bite of hunger one feels after starvation,
To me your body is wonderland which amazes the heavens

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Friday, January 22, 2010

Usual Story

A guy meets girl the typical story,
they talk they laugh,
all seems cheery,
best of friends they do become,
perfect for each other they become,
their hearts want each other,
all say they are made for one another,
months just pass,
the months just go,
the love losing patience,
ok here we go,

the guy proposes,
why not us become one,
the girl is in glee,
oh yes my Hun,
the long awaited question,
has finally come,

the yes to his question,
soon follows along,
the journey starts of two,
leading to one,
time passes by,
life goes on,

like all humans wish,
they want better,
so put the mind at play,
to perfect one another,
frustration grows,
to this awkward change,
what happened to the spark,
why wont love come again,

you did the mistake,
you committed the crime,
once heart made the decisions,
Now you let the mind decide,

Remember once you followed blindly that heart of yours,
is falling in love,
that's what its called,
embrace clearly the love you cherish,
trust your heart dearly,
Cos' if not its love you would miss.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


That voice binds a charm in my head,
catches me binds me I love how its felt,
she calms comfort me,
in the weirdest of ways,
controls the animal,
so he don't play,
the voice intrigues me,
not out of fear,
its that calmness and sutleness,
that keeps me so dear,
my angelic spellbinder,
you have a power i say,
she tames the jungle creature
and shows him his way
i deeply appreciate
wish i could tell
how she means to me,
what impact she has held.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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