Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unsung hero

Born an angel to this world,
The family love is so tender and dear,
But a burden it seems till they depart,
A honor it seems to give away that charm,
The caring sibling they are to be,
A loyal wife they proudly live,
The loving mother they work to be,
Silently they tear,
Burdens they carry,
Through circle of life,
This silent character goes unnoticed,
The offspring they nurture for 9 whole months,
The pain of birth incomparable by none,
They proudly own something not theirs,
Not a name to stand for,
Not a property that is theirs,
This a story told by one,
A sung hero noticed by none,
They take 2 days a year to praise,
While praise to them should be for each consecutive day,
Take time to notice,
What is not told,
Take notice to notice that hero you hold.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

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