Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tears in Prayer

That tender,
Never seen it before,
It pierced my heart,
To see tears flow,
Clouded eyes,
So much pain,
Helpless I sat,
Not knowing in vain,
Keeping her happy,
I’d cross the great seas
Tears that flow,
Keep drowning me in very sea,

My prayer I pray,
Each day,
Angels east,
Angels west,
North and south,
Do your best,
Keep her happy,
Till she rests.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Angel eyes

Amazing Beauty
My eye has not seen
Lips of angel
The smile of purity
Gleaming in Glamor
The splendor she gleams
Life has in mysteries
In knocking one out
Sweeping you off your feet
Lifting you up
I found my puzzle
Just waiting to be solved
A beauty of nature
That I yearn to behold

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™


Each Morning I rise with u on my mind,
I step out the door,
To see u my sun shine
To see u shine out so bright,
The glee I feel,
Is those twinkle eyes,
Rest I feel,
When I daze in that smile,

Innocence of embrace,
Like an infant you behold,
That anger u burst out bright,
Makes me just want you more,
The pride you smirk,
Simply attract me more,
To me you’re my sun,
Where I want nothing no more,

I stare at your lips,
Not in lust,
Just your warmth,
In only u I trust,
The touch of release,
When u smile,
The hyper active craze,
Sets me free,
You around,
I’m at my utmost,
My lucky charm,
To my life,
My ever lasting light,
I walk as your shadow,
Not to be your darkness,
But to be your guardian,
The point of life,
That will never depart.

I took a step out of faith,
To pierce myself,
Engrave your name,
To scar my life loneliness,
But I take all in joy,
Cos to me you’re my world,
My life I see,
The future I behold,
The warmth I seek.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

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