Saturday, March 14, 2009


Amazing and independent strong headed girl,
Focused and straight, true to her word,
Tender and sweet,
And beauty that beholds,
An angel from heaven,
A friend to all,
Little the world knows of the strong headed girl,
Broken and shattered,
Lost in her world,
Insecurity clouds her,
How can it be?
The focus, the independence,
Confuses me,
The closer one gets the further she drifts,
Misunderstood by most,
Sealed in her own bliss,
Her opening up is the hard game,
Her smile of care is what that remains,
The centre of attention,
The friend to all,
Misunderstood why I wonder?
The cruel world I know,
Few are blessed
With the qualities she possess,
The friendly warm hearted nature,
The advice you get,
How cruel and weird
Can this world be,
To close up an angel,
To seal her up deep,
Think twice before a conclusion,
Think thrice before you hurt,
Cos’ the consequences,
Aren’t pretty
For no one to see.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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