Saturday, January 24, 2009


Faith in my feelings,
Am I just following blindly?
Love I’m seeking
Is it just an illusion completely,

The burden I carry is a price I must,
Tearing silently,
Dormant each day,

Lost in हेर arms,
The loser me,
Damn it I love her,
Is it too much that I seek?

A miracle I pray for,
Help me lord I cry,
Piercing completely,
A dagger thru me life,

Stubborn and arrogant,
I pursue your love,
I can’t give up on you,
No I can’t my love,

This feeling of comfort,
This feeling of ease,
Years since I felt it,
My sprit at ease,

I ask for nothing,
But I pray for the best,
I’d sacrifice everything,
To rest on your chest,

I’m crazy in love,
But not just cause,
I love you not blindly,
But by reasons alone.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

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