Saturday, December 27, 2008


Love is a misconception,
Misconception of our society,
An assurance for the weak,
An anchor on feeling,
They call it uncontrollable
Unstoppable they say,
They call the unexplained,
Phony I’d say,

Love is a choice,
A choice we make,
Even though we don’t admit,
It’s true to this day,

Love is an action,
A lifestyle to live,
Not an anchor on feeling,
Not an assurance of your will,

Love not accidentally,
But love by choice,
Love not just blindly,
But enjoy the light,
Love not painfully,
Joy is too much,
Love not unwillingly,
Cos’ Heartbreaks a lost,

Five steps I’ve found effective,
For a lifestyle to be,
A lifestyle of love,
A lifestyle of beauty,
Five steps you would wonder,
How hard can it be?
Test your might my friend,
And read on to see,

Acceptance your first guideline,
The very first key,
Do you possess the will?
To accept others unconditionally,

Second to be committed,
Devote yourself,
Commit your self personally,
To that person,
Exceeding all limits you possess,

Third is to encourage,
Build each other up,
Loving is believing,
Expecting the best to come,
Encourage continually,
Strengthen there might,
Stand up before hem,
A pillar of might,

Fourth is the key test,
If you can withstand,
A haunting of anger,
Or the haunting of your past,
Forgiveness is painful,
Strength you must possess,
The will of the almighty,
And heart of us men,
Forgive them freely,
Let all of them behind,
Forgive and forget,
Not as easy as it rhymes,
If this is possible,
The next key is yours to keep,
Cos’ man to withstand this,
He’s honorable,
In all leaps,

Fifth is a an addition,
All four in one,
Serve them cheerfully,
Now that isn't a hard bum,

If these five united,
Loving ain't no game,
It’s a beauty,
A challenge,
In all its glory and fame,
If you would think back now,
What love is all about,
Loving is with anyone,
Not the misconception we seek.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


A young arrogant killa,
Once broke a young girl’s heart,
Closed her deep,
Shut her in the dark,

The story skipped years,
Silent and in grief,
What she knew as lover,
Was just a thief,
The fight of insecurity,
The fight of trust,
She was destroyed,
Disintegrated to dust,

As the years passed silent dormancy,
She married,
She a mother,
To her just another moment,
She was a dream to a husband,
The perfect blessing,
As wife and as mother,

But one thing killed him,
Softly yet deep,
His love,
His warmth,
To her was just bleak,

Once a heart broken,
Hard to mend,
Costly and painful,
A treacherous hell,

But she doesn’t trust,
The warmth received,
Cos’ once beaten down,
By a cunning young thief,
You fear the light,
You won’t come out from deep,

Killas watch out,
When the curse realized,
Follows like the till the end,
So join the hearts,
Not shatter the pieces,
Cos’ when love hit down on you,
It’s just you and your pieces.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

Sunday, December 21, 2008


The touch of her hand makes me weak,
When she whispers makes me sleep,
A smile stunning mesmerizing me,
Warmth never felt longing for me,

A blessed union is what I seek,
Neither sex or lust has blinded me,
Knowing its property of another stirs up the heat,
A beauty unspoken of is what I praise,
A longing deserted in my soul is what I chase,
An anger of disappointment which I hold,
She deserves much better than what she holds,
Wish she knew I’ll make it all,
An unfair wish,
Yes I very well know,
Snatch what’s not mine,
But a snatch I want,
When she is mine will make me whole,
Then I rest a peaceful soul,

Is this madness or love that I seek,
I love you so dearly,
Wish I could speak,
Tell you the story of an unspoken love,
Tell you an end that never been sung,
I love her so dearly,
That’s all I know,
Love blooming silently
Alone in the cold.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka  Ocean™

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