Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fake smiles or tears and fears

Loneliness clouds her soul,
An ocean of tears
Fills her whole,
A broken family
Shattered and gone,
The tortured young lady
Continues to walk,
She dresses up
The Prom Queen she walks,
The tortured young lady
That no one knows,
Her energy filled body,
Guys mistake for lust,
Her friendly giving nature,
Advantage taken of,
That smile she dresses,
That gown she wears,
The energy she pumps in,
Nothing on
Just an act,
One thing she swore to
Have is family,
The one thing that broke
Her within is family,
The acts are what she dresses
To cover her wounds,
Not to get hurt,
Just to stroll along life,
Escaping those tears,
Avoiding those fears,
Ignoring what she cherishes
Ignoring her purpose of life,
Ignoring her happiness,
She loves to stay blind,
Tortured and tangled
Her soul will not rest,
What can bring that
Soul happiness,
Well that is the quest,
How many among us,
Dress up everyday,
How many among us
Fake an innocent smile,
The question lies
Tortured souls
How many find rest,
They seek,
How many find their true peace?

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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