Monday, May 26, 2008

Lost Wanderer

Heaven in your eyes,
Seeks a broken soul,
Clinging like a weed,
A confused lost soul,
is it love or infatuation?
is what embraces this soul,
Long lost love,
The loss of attention,
The lost warmth and care,
Lost touch of release,
Seeking like a wanderer.
She moves along life,
Some label her,
Brands her what she’s not,
Do they stop to think?
About her feelings,
Do they stop to think?
As to why,
Do they stop to think?
This great confusion,
Love they say has its own beat,
Love they say makes the heart thump faster,
Love they say makes the heart grow fonder,
Let us think,
Think a moment,
This great of a loss,
Leads to damned confusion,
Clinging is what she does,
Like a pond weed on rock,
Lead by confusion,
Entangled by feelings,
Oh gosh she thinks its love,
My love,
My soul,
Time flows,
Her not knowing of its pace,
The feelings wither,
She doomed she says,
She leaves,
She leaves,
They brand,
They brand.
Not forgiving her confusion,
She’s not what they brand,
She’s just a lost seeker,
Like love makes the heart thump,
Loves makes the heart fonder,
When the feeling withers,
Now what I wonder?
They say an open mind is vast as the ocean,
Sink deep I say,
Dive deep I tell,
This sea holds answer
To all our problems,
Think twice I’d say,
Before a judgment,
Think thrice I’d warn,
Before a label.

Author : Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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