Monday, April 7, 2008

Why Love?

Why am I still waiting?
To love the unlovable,
Why am I still holding?
When I know I have no chance,
Why am I praying?
To bring hope so it works,
Why does it seem worthwhile?
Hanging by the thread of a dream,
Why I start,
The thousand and one questions,
Why does the end story,
Have different fates,
Why is patience the virtue?
Why is missing them the key?
Why is sacrificing a must?
Why are tears a procession?
Why is happiness in every breath?
Love is the key,
Why’s are you’re capability,
Answers determine a life.

Author :Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

Rapidly Rise

Blindness of praise,
Is a mistake we make,
Blinded by covers,
Blinded by fame,
Rocket speed climb,
To the top of the line,
Mighty claps,
Go around,
Oh! Praises all the time,
Rapidly they rise,
On this world high,
But one thing we neglect,
Oh my!
Oh my!
What rises fastest?
In the world,
Shall we think?
That’s a shame don’t you think,
Irony of society,
Irony of praise,
Irony of judgment,
What of this can you make?

Author: Liswith Obinamuni aka Ocean™

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